Woodbrook School
In 2010 traceministries had the privilege of going to the island of Trinidad &
Tobago and a religious instruction class at Woodbrook Secondary School.

The teacher and leader Professor Clint Clarke we extent thanks to him for
letting us work with his young people at the school

The kids are very interesting in learning and we had fun teaching them.  We
look forward to next year 2011 with many more tracks for Jesus.

Here are some of the photos from the school and there professor in action
education the kids about a wonderful savior call Jesus Christ.

We prayer for his ministries to continue to be a success with the many souls
for the Lord and look forward with working with them again.

God bless you all both teacher and kids and prayer that you continue to learn
more about our loving God in heaven and what he wants of us.

See you all soon take care my friends till we meet again peace, love, joy.